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Gracie's Fund

Promoting and supporting grassroots spay & neuter programs in rural South Carolina.

About Us

Founded in 2015, Gracie's Fund was created to promote and support grassroots spay/neuter programs in South Carolina. Our outreach and funding will be to non-profit animal welfare organizations in the smaller rural communities.

Our directors have all been directly involved in animal rescue and spay/neuter for a number of years. We found that there are numerous options for funding spay/neuter in the larger population; however, in smaller areas, funding is limited and competition for any available resources is great. Filling that void is our mission.

Our desire to focus on spay/neuter is a natural evolution of our experience in animal rescue. There are a number of outstanding animal rescue programs in South Carolina doing excellent work. Despite their successes, the euthanasia rate still remains too high. Available spay/neuter is one of the big keys to preventing undesirable euthanasia. Funding spay/neuter in communities with the least access to resources allows us to expand its potential. It will also provide hope for others who have a desire to make a difference in their local smaller communities, if only the funds were available.

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Grants will be awarded twice a year to qualifying non-profit animal welfare organizations in South Carolina. All applicants will be evaluated for funding based on their needs, the services they offer and the soundness of their management and financing. 501(c)(3) status is required. Your organization will be notified in July or January of your application status. Applications for funding must be received by the following deadlines to be considered for funding. Organizations can only receive funding once per calendar year. Support of a program in any given year is not a guarantee of continued support by Gracie's Fund.

While spay/neuter is our primary mission, we also understand the enormous costs involved in other areas as well. On a limited basis, we may provide at least partial funding for vet costs, such as heartworm treatment or emergency medical costs as well as innovative adoption programs.

We gladly accept donations. We are the vehicle by which individuals can make a difference through even a small donation. Our 501(c)(3) designation allows you to give a tax-deductible gift that will join with others, and through the power of the many, reach the underfunded needs of local organization.

Deadlines for submitting applications are June 30 and December 31.

Grant Applications with attachments may be submitted either on-line or mailed to:
Gracie's Fund
186 Goss Lane
Barnwell, SC 29812

Grant Application (pdf)

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Gracie's Fund

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